17 Febbraio 2017
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Amundi patrimonio immobiliare raggiunge 4.8 mld nel 2016

In 2016, Amundi Real Estate achieved an overall transaction volume of more than €4.8 billion in real estate funds and mandates, an increase of more than 33% in its acquisitions and disposals volume compared with 2015.

During the period, Amundi Real Estate invested in 55 transactions totalling nearly one million square meters (m2). While the majority of these investments were in France, a total of 31% of acquisitions (in volume) came from other countries, in particular, the Netherlands (11.9%), Germany (8.3%), Luxembourg, Austria, the United Kingdom, Finland and Italy. Commercial property represented more than 98% of these transactions, with 67.5% in office property, 13.1% shops and shopping centres, 8.4% hotels, 7.3% healthcare facilities and 2.4% business parks. Residential property investments totalling €55 million in France. As part of its active asset management policy, Amundi Real Estate also disposed of 65 properties totalling €523 million.

The significant rise in transaction volume in 2016 saw Amundi Real Estate’s assets under management grow to €20.8 billion at end-December 2016.

Amundi Real Estate’s retail REIT offering was enhanced over the 12-month period. Having taken the lead in French retail REIT market in terms of managed assets and net sales at year end 2014, assets under management reached €4.4 billion at 31st December 2016, with a more diverse footprint in other countries such as the Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, and Austria.

New business in the institutional segment came from several “club-deals” and major mandates and partnerships were sealed with new international investors during the year.

Amundi Real Estate invested further in the hotel asset class, pursued its development strategy in the residential segment with the launch of a REIT range under the French Pinel tax optimisation scheme, and introduced new types of assets such as business parks and healthcare facilities. Amundi Real Estate will also pursue diversification into serviced senior and student residences.

Amundi Real Estate’s Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Marc Coly comments: “In 2017, our objective is to strengthen inflows substantially. We see new opportunities in Europe through our current partnerships.”

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